Could your ‘man boobs’ be Gynecomastia?

Could your ‘man boobs’ be Gynecomastia?

Steroids can enhance performance in the bedroom, says Richardson, or do the complete opposite. He’s collaborating on a paper about James, whose name has been changed to protect his identity. After starting to use steroids around the age of 25, James experienced increased sex drive and erectile dysfunction, leaving him feeling “like a hamster on a wheel”. Young steroid users are, he says, driven primarily by aesthetics and appealing to prospective sexual partners.

A common side effect of steroid abuse in men is the development of breast tissue, known medically as gynaecomastia or ‘gyno’ in the bodybuilding scene. Around one million men and women in the UK are estimated to use anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to look more muscly or fit. At Centre for Surgery, our team of expert surgeons offers this surgery with the utmost care and precision.

Do you use drains for gynecomastia surgery?

Things began to take a turn for the worse for Danny during lockdown, however, when gyms across the country closed. Because of this, he was unable to train and soon developed “man boobs”, which he believes came about as a result of taking the steroids. However, while the above may sound tempting, it’s crucial to understand the intricate complexity of the human hormonal system and the possible implications of its artificial manipulation.

  • Or you may have what we call a t-scar or sometimes a longitudinal scar, this depends on what skin excision methods the surgeon has performed.
  • The chest area will be quite swollen after the operation – and for a while afterwards – so it is important not to judge the results of the surgery for several months.
  • Dr. Hassan Nurein is an experienced board certified body sculpting surgeon specialising in gynecomastia treatment.
  • Steroid-induced gynecomastia is a common condition among bodybuilders.
  • An ultrasound scan can confirm the diagnosis when the condition is unilateral.
  • In some cases, prednisone has actually been recorded to cause hair growth; this may be related to how the medication is administered, for example, a tablet or an injection [10].

And since estrogen helps in keeping your hormones balanced, it helps in regulating one’s weight. Estrogen, particularly in the form of estradiol, affects libido, erectile function, and the development of the sperm within the male reproductive organs. This is partly due to the fact that estrogen receptors are prevalent not only in a man’s sexual organs but in his brain as well. In theory, when estrogen is high, there’s a greater chance of erectile dysfunction.

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He has carried out more than 600 gynecomastia operations since 2020 but believes many more are suffering in silence, too ashamed to come forward.

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The cause, if identified, should be removed (e.g. the drug causing the condition) or the underlying medical condition should be treated. Drug-induced gynecomastia resolves when the drug causing the condition is stopped. A patient with gynaecomastia should be seen by a breast specialist to identify the potential cause and exclude any sinister conditions, such as breast and testicular cancer.

Book a consultation with one of our expert surgeons here at the Cadogan Clinic who will be able to discuss the available treatments with you. If you suspect that prescribed medication is the cause of your gynaecomastia, it is important that you do not stop taking your medication, but instead, book an appointment with your GP to discuss your options. For patients who have undergone a procedure with us, please check your information pack for the emergency on-call telephone number which is available to you as usual.

What treatment options do I have if gynecomastia doesn’t disappear naturally?

In one clip, he shows himself working out before revealing his toned physique. “My best friend is an online coach, so I spoke to him for some guidance and we got a calorie deficit diet plan together. After gyms opened, I started lifting weights again and I trained six times a week.

It may also be a side effect of hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism, kidney disease, or liver failure. It is important to seek medical help to rule out any medical causes of your gynecomastia. You’ve probably heard bodybuilding steroids price of the dreaded man boobs (or ‘moobs’), the unflattering term for enlarged male breasts. Gynaecomastia in teenage boys tends to resolve by itself in around 90% of cases and will be followed up for 1-2 years.

Dr Hassan Nurein – Specialising in Gynecomastia Surgery

The only and permanent solution at this point is the surgical procedure. In order to prevent this situation, early diagnosis and recognition of tissue growth in the relevant area is very important. The risks of gynecomastia caused by steroids, how it can be prevented and all other details are in our article. It comes after MailOnline revealed prohibited performance-enhancing drugs were being sold on eBay and Depop.

What is gynaecomastia (male breast)?

But he does advise young lads about their cycles, because otherwise “they’re going to go somewhere else and do whatever they want”. Powell currently “cruises”, which is to say takes a lower dose of testosterone only; he reckons he’ll be on self-prescribed “testosterone replacement therapy” for life. Only available as late as 2015 and classed as “research chemicals”, SARMs are legal to sell, but not for human consumption, the risks of which haven’t yet been extensively researched.