Buying and Selling Old Computers

Sell and buy old computers

If you’re planning to upgrade to the latest hardware, or just want to get rid of an old computer It’s not difficult to sell it on eBay. There are other ways to get the highest price for your old tech, such as online buy-back or trade-in websites.

For example, PCSwaps lets you sell or trade in your computer for cash, at no cost. The site can help you determine the value of your components based on the current market value. To maximize your sales capture high-quality images of the hardware from different angles and then include a full description, including any issues or damage. You can also increase the sale potential of your hardware by adding accessories and software, like an LCD monitor or printer.

Another alternative is to use Craigslist, which makes it easy to set up an account and then post an ad. Beware of scammers, low-quality offers and the time commitment required to manage an account.

Selling your computer can be a concern because someone could gain access to your personal information and lead to identity theft. Make sure you wipe down your system and delete any applications that are not used, especially ones that have sensitive data, such as financial accounts or passwords. You should also erase any backup files that are not visible, which might contain identifying information.

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